Disobey EP

by Days of Rage

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released May 20, 2014

Recorded and Mastered at Emc2 Studios , Montreal canada by Kevin Frenette.



all rights reserved


Days of Rage Montréal, Québec

Hailing from Montreal, Quebec, Days Of Rage came together in 2011. Composed of bandmates from the street punk band the Ruffianz. They play heavy punk with some old school hardcore influcences. Driven by massive sing along anthems and merciless riffs, they are an hardcore punk band that won’t give up on spreading the sounds of revolution. ... more

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Track Name: These years
Remember those years, when we were young
The late 90’s, were so much fun
The heart full of hate against this fucking system
A 40oz of cheap beer with friends
Was enough to forget and have pure fun

A couple of years have passed by
These years are way behind
But I cannot give up it’s just getting fucking worse
Year after year I keep wondering why I’m doing this job
This fucking 8 to 5 just drives me insane
The early 2000 is a new era
Need money to get drunk
Need money to have fun
I gotta find myself a job
I gotta conform. So fucking tired
I can’t even fight the system

Now in 2012 it keeps getting worse
Day after day we know who’s to blame
Generation X they’ve destroyed our future
I wake up and work and repeat every fucking day
I can’t feel anymore love of hate
Can’t seem to care about the human race anymore
Track Name: Bad Day
You've Never had friends in the school yard
You’ve always been on your own since the day you were born
Not really good at sports and not wearing the popular brands
Not really smart but not that dumb either
Your father is working really hard so your family can live
But you and your younger brothers are really hard to feed
Your mother is on welfare, an anti-depressant addict
Always moving cause they can’t pay the rent
It’s a different city every year
But the same old story
Never staying long enough to make friends
Getting bullied in the hallways you think you’ll never see the end

You thought things would get better but now you gotta face the truth
Nothing has changed and you can’t take it anymore
Facing reality, with such brutality
Go down alone or bring people with you?
Your mind consumes the doom
A smile on your face as you start blasting
You feel sorry for them, they could have been your friends
But where you’re going you don’t need no friends.
Track Name: Shape of a Fist
Where the cops are criminals
Where serial kills drive the tanks
A dollar is more sacred than the bible
And the pope is richer than a bank
Where the prisons feel like schools
Where the schools feel like prisons
(the absolute is) Overconsumption and the profit they make
They talk about environment like if it was a at stakes

Your girlfriends breasts are harder than steel
My video game looks much more real
I am rich but I feel poor
People are dying hungry and I want more
To keep order in the town, they gave us the cops
But when I look around, I only see a huge chaos
(Fuck it) Drop a bomb on the parliament
Our vision will never be represented
The shape of a fist is taking form in the smoke
As all the politicians choke.
Track Name: Disobey
To serve and to protect
Those who sign the paycheck
They’re nothing for you, cause they share too
The burden of their subsistence
The ministers need protection
And they also need a reason
To justify to the people’s eyes
The government’s existence
Blinded by the pepper spray in my eyes
But I can see a future for the very first time
The bill 78 is scratching my throat
There’s even more people on the frontline
They’ve woken the rebels amongst the sheep
Red squares and black flags everywhere on the streets
The hype is big and so is the brawl
& the strike won’t stop till the government falls

Disobey, I don’t know you, but you’re my brother
We disobey, tonight we disobey together
Hundreds of nights against the police state
With determination and a growing hate
I don’t know you but you’re my sister
Tonight we change the world together
We are angry, we are right
We’re taking a walk with history tonight
Track Name: La Rage
I feel like making trouble,
Tonight we fuck things up
We didn’t choose to be punk, it chose us.
This is just the way we grew up
We’re still pissed and proud
Cause your system is rotten to the core.
We love to be hated, you’re the image of what we deplore.
Track Name: All the leaves will fall
Look at the flag, it’s white and red
The color of the leaf means it’s almost dead
The white will turn blue when we’ll drown
‘Cause the icebergs are all melting down
& nobody cares, it’s all about the money
At least they got elected, they launched their fuckin’ party
What are you happy for, when almost nobody voted?
Everybody wants to slit your throat

Look at the tree, it’s the hierarchy
We are the roots and they are the leaves.
All the leaves will fall – it’s getting cold and the sky is grey
All the leaves will fall – Someday
All the leaves will fall - Someday
All the leaves will fall – we will find a way

Just a smooth version of the USA
Smash the State til it’s decapitated
Every night I’m dreaming
Of seeing Stephen harper suffering
Look at the flag, its white and red
The color of the leaf means it’s almost dead
It will all turn to ashes when we’ll get along
Cause all the leaves will fall where they belong